• Genre: Comedy
  • Format: 6x15'
  • Availability: Worldwide excluding Canada
  • Languages: English

There are people the world over and from all walks of life who dedicate their lives to achieving excellence in their chosen field.  Decoys is about five such characters who fit this descriptor.  However their passion and talent is neither science, knowledge nor sport.  It is something, well,  completely different  - competitive duck carving! Decoys takes us behind the scenes into the cut-throat world of competitive wooden duck carving.  Small-town folks with big hearts and oversized dreams come face-to-face for an annual competition of wit, talent, and saw dust. The illustrious Carving Cup is their holy grail, their Olympic Gold, the embodiment of all their hopes and dreams. Each competitor  has their own reason for getting into the game – whether it’s Donald, who recently picked up the carving mantle from his father (despite his girlfriend’s less-than-enthusiastic support for this new “hobby”), Amandeep, a recent immigrant who has chosen duck carving as a means to integrate himself into the local culture, or Frank, a decades-long carving veteran who fears his beloved world of duck carving is under attack from outsiders.  This is serious business so don’t even think of calling them whittlers.  This motley crew comes together with grit and determination to demonstrate their artistry and show the world what duck carving is a force to be reckoned with. Decoys is an uproarious look inside a little-known world. The characters may be quirky, the competition may be niche and the prize may seem insignificant to some, but for those who walk this journey, nothing matters more than being crowned champion. The series celebrates the “ fringe” and explores what drives these artists to dedicate their lives to this unusual craft, putting passion ahead of everything else.