• Genre: Children
  • Format: 40 x 22' or 80 x 11'
  • Availability: Worldwide excluding US
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Hero Elementary is no ordinary school. It’s where kids with superpowers learn how to use their unique gifts.  And no aspiring superhero could dream of a more exciting place to train! At Hero Elementary, the gym is a veritable obstacle course.  It is festooned with a myriad of trapezes, hoops and boobytraps.  Sky-high towers dot the courtyard so that students can practice leaping over tall buildings in a single bound.  And of course, there is more high-tech gadgetry than any kid, superhero or not, could dream of. The students at Hero Elementary are like kids anywhere, only more so!  The big difference is that for this crew, simple mistakes can snowball into epic disasters.  Luckily, humour and an unwavering can-do attitude help when “power” goes awry.  Inquisitive thinking and teamwork lead to unexpected discoveries about science and the world around them. It also comes in handy when there is a problem or mystery to solve. And just who are these powerful students at Hero Elementary?  There’s high-flying Lucita Sky; stupendously brilliant AJ Gadgets, kids TV’s first autistic character; amazingly strong teleporter Sara Snap; and Benny Bubbles, whose astonishing bubble-generating powers are a sight to behold! The students of Hero Elementary are an example to kids everywhere that creative problem solving, teamwork and lending a helping hand are real life powers that kids everywhere possess.