• Genre: Children
  • Format: 10x15'
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Languages: English

The talkative and adorkable Farzanah has been helping her best friend, the intense, perfectionist Greta work on a magnum opus. Greta’s project aims to be a revolutionary documentary that will work to enlighten the public on a controversial and largely misunderstood topic: Homeschooling. Greta’s brilliant scientist mother has taken on educating her son, daughter and neighbour Farzanah for the last twelve years. And Marta’s done a damn fine job; the girls are bright, ambitious, and so totally beyond the “bourgeois social hierarchy of traditional high school” (Greta’s words.) Farzanah and Greta’s shared appreciation for sophisticated ideas, humour, and look-down-their-nosery at the “trads” (aka traditional high-schoolers), has built an extraordinary friendship. They go together like Ben & Jerry’s, which they once consumed several cookie-dough pints of while wordlessly binge-watching Lord of the Rings. Despite this nearly lifelong friendship, Farzanah’s interests and opinions differ from her friend’s and she secretly craves the wider social circle and new experiences that traditional high school could offer her. When Greta finds out with only a weeks’ notice that Farzanah’s parents are making her attend traditional high school, the girls make a pact. NOTHING will come between their friendship, especially not this temporary separation. In fact it’s actually a great opportunity! Greta bullies her way into getting permission to film Farzanah’s experience at her new highschool, thrilled for the shot at some Sarah Keonig style boots-on-the-ground investigation of the “other side.” Farzanah however, is less enthusiastic. The last thing her brand new student identity needs is Greta following her around asking students their opinions on alternative pedagogical techniques. Lucky for Farzanah, Greta’s cinematic high school spelunking is cut short after her week-long filming permit runs out. After a bit of a rocky start at her new highschool, Farzanah truly starts to thrive when she discovers the high school’s comedy club, where her offbeat sense of humour is adored by the club’s supervisor and failed comedian, Ms. D. It’s a shame that Farzanah’s new crush Aakesh, is “too cool” to join Farzanah and a cast of other nerdy young comics in the club. As Farzanah’s new friendships (and romance) blossom, her interest in the documentary wanes. Feeling betrayed, Greta is forced to come to terms with the fact that her best friend is now part of a world she doesn’t quite understand. The growing tension between the two girls comes to a head when Greta discovers that it was Farzanah’s choice all along to leave homeschooling and not her parent’s decision at all…