• Format: (9x2.5')

Oliver, a young and curious puzzle piece, has always felt safe and comfortable at home where he fits perfectly with his whole family, including Mum and Dad, big sister Carla, little brother Dougie, Grandpa, and Little Piece – Grandpa’s pet poodle, but an adventurous spirit like Oliver can’t be contained for too long and he can’t wait to get out and try new experiences. While he knows exactly where he fits in at home, Oliver quickly learns that the world outside his family isn’t always so easy to figure out. Luckily, Oliver has some great friends among the other toys that live in the playroom. Here, playing is an everyday activity and Oliver wants to join in on whatever his friends are doing, he wants to do it all! What he discovers is that each of us are different – different abilities, likes, skills, shapes, lots of things! Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly where you fit in with your peers, but with a little resilience we can find ways to have fun with others and participate in lots of different adventures, especially when you are OK with who you are. That's what Where Oliver Fits is all about!