TBIVision: MIPTV 2016 Kids Hot Picks
(featuring Do You Know?)

Media Coverage

April 5, 2016




April-May 2016 Issue

THE SHOW: Do You Know?


THE DISTRIBUTOR: Portfolio Ents.


THE CONCEPT: How-does-it-work series fronted by YouTube star Maddie Moate

YouTube is increasingly a seeding ground for TV talent, and Do You Know? is a good example of an online star transferring her skills to the small screen.

From 7 Wonder, the UK-based prodco set up last year by Australian free TV network Seven, it follows YouTuber Maddie Moate helping preschoolers to answer everyday posers such as how does a toilet flush and how are ice cream cones made?

Canada’s Portfolio Entertainment is selling the series internationally, and co-founder Joy Rosen says Moate is a cut above a lot of online talent. “What attracted us to the show was Maddie,” she says. “She has a huge internet following with kids already, but unlike a lot of talent on YouTube, she isn’t talking about make-up, but how things work and where they come from. That edutainment persona is atypical online.”

Portfolio will launch the show at MIPTV, giving buyers the first chance to see finished episodes from the 25x15mins series. Rosen says the show strikes a balance between the close-up feel of YouTube and the production quality associated with kids TV.